AUA #27 - This week is the second part of my interview with Monica Jayne🦄 of Unabashed Badassery™ where she talks about her unconventional travel as well as gender conformity (or non-conformity) and "SCRF", which she reviews at the beginning of the podcast. If you haven't listened to last week's episode please do! And for anyone who is uncomfortable with sex talk and "bad words" or body parts, these 2 episodes may not be for you.

Monica Jayne's Website is here.

Minimalists, check this out - Sustainable words we don’t have in English but we need!

For mind-blowing information on gender, sexuality, and race, check out Alok Vaid-Menon on IG, where you can look up their book reports.

The full show notes (with a lot more information) are here!

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KA's Website and Blog here.

Thank you so much for listening :) 
Kimberly Anne


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