Meet World Traveler and Yogini Extraordinaire, Sahara Leigh who has lived and traveled all over the world! She started traveling at age 15 and is now in her 30's and moving forward in the world as a solo female traveler with a strong foot firmly planted in the spiritual. She teaches yoga, is an ayurvedic medicine practitioner, offers consultations for families and people looking to explore healthy food (including veganism) and a healthier lifestyle. She's an author and a sailor, was an aerialist, and even worked in a circus! Is there anything she can't do? I don't think so!

Sahara thoroughly filled out my long questionnaire, so for more information about her please see her show notes page, here!

You can find her website here. She offers 3 different levels of personal consulting plus Sahara's Yoga Membership is only $20 a month for 1 live class per week and access to all her past classes! I've taken them personally and they are amazing! Just one class "cured" some severe low back pain I was suffering from!

Her Etsy shop is here.

Her instagram here.

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KA's Website and Blog here.

Thank you so much for listening :) 
Kimberly Anne
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